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Your heating and cooling systems lose efficiency as debris and dust clog them. Tucked behind walls and ceilings, inspecting them can be hard. Our heating and air conditioning inspections technicians are on hand to get the job done. We offer affordable furnace inspection costs for all of our clients. Our air conditioning inspectors are qualified and experienced. Besides, they offer the best furnace inspection near me in Waco, TX.

Heating and cooling systems should last beyond 10 years. But, without regular inspections, their durability will steadily degrade. Our heating and air conditioning inspections are designed to identify wear and tear. During servicing, we will replace worn out parts and ensure that your systems are operating efficiently. This helps reduce your utility bills.

Inspections give your property a clean bill from regulators. It ensures that your systems do not pose a health risk to occupants of the property. The sooner you can ensure that your system is clean, the better.

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Centroplex Service Company

Centroplex Service Company has a team of licensed technicians who have successfully seen the completion of numerous projects in the area.

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Centroplex Service Company

Air Conditioning Inspector

Homeowners should have their systems inspected by a licensed air conditioning inspector. During heating and air conditioning inspections, the inspector identifies duct leaks and clogged filters. In addition, our air conditioning inspectors will offer advice on maximizing energy savings. Most homeowners wait until it is summer to turn on their A/C. This makes it hard to identify problems beforehand.

Compliance with heating and air conditioning inspections means that you avoid any issues with regulations. In addition, it ensures that your air conditioning unit does not pose a safety risk. Inspections are guaranteed to produce energy savings and reduce carbon emissions. In some instances, homeowners can be advised to replace inefficient units with modern energy efficient ones.

When it comes to heating your home or business, clogged furnace air filters inhibit air flow. The furnace operation becomes inefficient. In this instance, you spend more on utility bills and it poses a health hazard. Our inspectors will look at the issue and clean the filters for you. We are prepared to perform your heating and air conditioning inspection today. We have a service plan that will suit your home and budget.

Centroplex Service Company

Furnace Inspection Near Me

Your furnace helps keep the home warm during winter. However, furnaces break down as they age. When this happens, your house can feel like a freezer. To avoid this happening at an unexpected time, you need to schedule an annual furnace inspection. Our heating and air conditioning inspections ensure that your furnace operates optimally. In addition, we fix any leaks to avoid heat losses. This ensures that you enjoy energy savings over time.

The furnace operates like any other piece of equipment. If not maintained for long periods, it starts malfunctioning. A professional furnace inspection will reveal any carbon deposits in the air ducts which can pose as a health hazard. Best of all, our inspectors offer affordable furnace inspection costs in Waco, TX.

All our inspectors are licensed. They also have garnered years of experience fixing faulty systems. Contact us today for heating and air conditioning inspections.

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Centroplex Service Company

Furnace Inspection Cost

Since inspection of the furnace is annual, the furnace inspection cost is reasonably low. Not performing inspections causes inefficient furnace operation and can lead to damaged systems. Furthermore, this leads to an increase in utility bills. During heating and air conditioning inspections, our technicians ensure all safety controls are working. They can also clean a clogged furnace and replace air filters. This ensures that the air circulating in the house is clean and free of dirt.

Homeowners tend to overlook faulty electrical connections. These are often due to rodent infestations. In addition to recognizing those issues, our inspectors will test the furnace voltage to ensure there is no heat loss. Have your furnace inspected before the winter season.

We have BBB accredited heating and air conditioning inspections technicians. In addition, we have been conducting inspections in Waco, TX for the last 30 years. Call us today for free estimate.

For information on commercial work, please visit our Commercial Heating and Cooling Companies Waco, TX page.

Centroplex Service Company

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This is a very professional and trustworthy company. They do excellent work and have very friendly helpful employees. I would definitely give them 5 stars!

Eva Krall 3/27/2019
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Have used these guys for almost 25years and they have given us impeccable service and fair pricing.

Lisa Chatfield 10/30/2018
Amine Qourzal Avatar

Centroplex is a very honest and dependable company. I have used them on numerous occasions when my AC system had issues. They are quick, fair-priced, and will check warranty status on your unit before doing any work. I highly recommend them, and encourage anyone to contact them with their AC/HVAC needs. They are also super friendly and easy to work with.

Amine Qourzal 3/08/2018