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Commercial properties projects tend to be large. Installing a heating and cooling system involves massive capital investments. Having the right commercial heating and cooling companies near me makes a huge difference in any project of that scale. We have built a reputation of offering premium commercial air conditioning services through our contractors in Waco, TX. In this regard, we will be involved in the initial design, installation, and maintenance of the units. This ensures that your tenants are comfortable in any season.

Finding the right unit for your property can be a herculean task. Inefficient systems can lead to unmanageable utility bills. To that end, our contractors will study your property needs and recommend a unit. Our services extend to creating efficient air duct systems. Equally, we are an affordable commercial heating and cooling company.

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Centroplex Service Company

Centroplex Service Company has a team of licensed technicians who have successfully seen the completion of numerous projects in the area.

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Centroplex Service Company

Commercial Heating And Cooling Near Me

You do not need to travel far to find commercial heating and cooling companies. We have overseen the implementation of various commercial projects in Waco, TX. In addition, we have a team of experienced contractors. Our company will identify your unique needs and offer a suitable system that matches your budget. Installation of the systems extends to protection of units from harsh climatic conditions.

Commercial buildings house various office units. As a result, you need a system that is energy efficient. Our commercial heating and cooling company contractors will find a unit for you. This will ensure that the unit blends in with the rest of the building design. In addition, the unit will ensure even distribution of hot/cold air in all the office spaces. Sealing window leaks can also help keep your building warm during winter.

Regular maintenance is vital to keep the systems running efficiently. Equally, as one of the top commercial heating and cooling companies, we offer 24/7 emergency services. This ensures that your system continues operating uninterrupted.

Centroplex Service Company

Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioners need regular service to operate optimally. The condensate pump gets filled with slime while the air ducts become dusty. So, don’t wait until summer to get an inspection. Contact us, your local commercial heating and cooling company for maintenance. Our technicians will fix worn out parts and replace them when necessary. This will extend the lifespan of your air conditioner. Afterward, we check for faulty electrical parts. This ensures your air conditioner does not short circuit.

Air conditioning maintenance should be done at least once a year. That reduces the chances of breakdown and helps lower energy costs. Our commercial air conditioning service contractors are BBB accredited. They possess over 30 years of experience in Waco, TX. In addition, we are foremost among reliable commercial heating and cooling companies.

Part of air conditioning maintenance is replacing air filters. These get clogged and block airflow. In addition, dirt particles can contaminate the air that is supplied. When you replace air filters you reduce your energy consumption. Furthermore, they extend the lifespan of the unit. Instead of waiting for summer, give us a call today. We have the right solution for you.

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Centroplex Service Company

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors

Finding the best commercial heating and cooling companies can be hard. You have various companies offering similar services, and it can be confusing trying to measure who is the best match for your business. Our company has built a reputation for reliability. In that regard, we offer timely completion of projects. This means we solve your issues as soon as they appear. We have carefully vetted our contractors. In addition, we have operating licenses from relevant regulatory authorities.

Commercial air conditioning service contractors help identify malfunctioning parts before complete breakdown. In addition, a full air conditioning inspection gives your building a clean bill of health. It ensures that the commercial property does not pose a health hazard to the inhabitants. We are the right commercial heating and cooling company for you since we keep you informed and your systems up to date.

It takes time to clean air ducts in large buildings. That is why we recommend you do regular maintenance to avoid dirt/debris buildup. In this regard, our commercial heating and cooling company offers this at affordable rates. We identify and fix leakages. This has a positive effect on your energy savings. Call today for a free estimate.

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Centroplex Service Company

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Eva Krall Avatar

This is a very professional and trustworthy company. They do excellent work and have very friendly helpful employees. I would definitely give them 5 stars!

Eva Krall 3/27/2019
Lisa Chatfield Avatar

Have used these guys for almost 25years and they have given us impeccable service and fair pricing.

Lisa Chatfield 10/30/2018
Amine Qourzal Avatar

Centroplex is a very honest and dependable company. I have used them on numerous occasions when my AC system had issues. They are quick, fair-priced, and will check warranty status on your unit before doing any work. I highly recommend them, and encourage anyone to contact them with their AC/HVAC needs. They are also super friendly and easy to work with.

Amine Qourzal 3/08/2018